Advice from a Mom

I was given loads of advice by moms who had been through it all, but I never listened to any of it because I'm bull-headed and A-type, but I really wanted to share a few things that, in hindsight, were actually very valid pieces of advice. I hope you'll take it on board πŸ™‚ The… Continue reading Advice from a Mom


A Writer’s Plight

Man it's been a while since I've posted! I keep meaning too but I somehow just don't get to it. I have moments every so often where I start setting a writing schedule and then I just get busy and it doesn't materialize. Things have been tumultuous after the move to KZN and I've been… Continue reading A Writer’s Plight

What I Do As A Stay At Home Mom

*I feel like the fact that I'm posting this months after I said I would totally reiterates my point, hahaha! I've heard it before, the snide remarks of those who have no idea, "oh you're a stay at home mom. Must be so nice." - like I'm some kind of kept woman basking in the… Continue reading What I Do As A Stay At Home Mom

Homeopathic “Vaccinations”

I believe in many elements of natural medicine, mostly around the fact that certain herbs, foods, etc have the capability of healing, or at least aiding our bodies in their wonderful natural healing ability. I speak from experience, I managed my chronic illness via naturopathy and food as medicine. But homeopathy, in my opinion, is… Continue reading Homeopathic “Vaccinations”

Baby (Non)Sense

I don't make a habit of negative reviews but this is one that has been a bit of a bee in my bonnet. When I was pregnant I wanted to read as much as I could and learn in preparation for the big task ahead. As a first time mom it's a mine field out… Continue reading Baby (Non)Sense