Motherhood – Finding Yourself Again

Hi, I'm Lauren and I'm a Mom... I feel like that is often my opening statement and it had me thinking about a topic that is rarely touched in the world of parenting. So often we become mothers and we are bombarded with books and websites and podcast and videos of how to be a… Continue reading Motherhood – Finding Yourself Again


The Dating Game

So I'm a single mom. And like most singles out there, I'd like to find someone to spend my life with - give me snuggles, feed me, rub my back (I'm basically a big puppy), but being single and a mom to twins has made this a very interesting minefield. Firstly, most of the good… Continue reading The Dating Game

The Borderline Parent

I've been wanting to post on this topic for ages but it's nerve wrecking to put something so personal up on platforms which reach people all over the world... I have Borderline Personality Disorder. I'm relatively quiet about it, telling only those I know and trust. I once mentioned it in a post on Facebook… Continue reading The Borderline Parent

Design Flaws in Parenting

I was lying awake at some stupid hour thinking about conversations I've had with other moms about being a parent and it struck me that there is such a vast difference between men and women in the parenting game. I'm not saying ALL men are useless, but I am saying that nature really did a… Continue reading Design Flaws in Parenting

PND – Postnatal Depression

I feel like this sums up the majority of how I've felt with postnatal depression. I thought I just had the "baby blues" but then it just never went away. The thing with PND is that you're not just depressed, you're anxious, exhausted, and struggle like hell to look after, and sometimes feel anything, toward… Continue reading PND – Postnatal Depression